About Kate

Born in Zimbabwe, living in England, Kate has a Masters degree in Fine Art, a B.A (Hons) in Fine Art, an FdA in Fine Art Contemporary Practice, a Foundation Art Diploma, Certificate in Art & Design and a City and Guilds Certificate in teaching. She has exhibited widely both in the UK and in Africa. Her work is in Private Collections in many countries, and in the Permanent Collection of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Kate taught adults and children from her Studio in Sussex 'The Drawing Room', Now in rural South West France, she teaches classes in mixed-media Art and Printing for both adults and children. 



About the Work

My work is steeped in a deep passion for Africa - its wildlife and its people. Drawing is important to me. I have always drawn with pencil and other traditional mediums, but the ancient art of Silverpoint now dominates my drawing work. This medium holds both a fascination and an enormous challenge for me. It is an unforgiving and unusual medium which demands respect. The results of painstaking mark-making with pure silver manifests in a beautiful silver glow which enhances the completed work. 

My subject matter has been predominantly endangered species.  I am compelled to create awareness of the beauty and importance of Africa's wildlife, and the threat that overshadows it.  My Silverpoint drawings reflect my respect for all of these beautiful, intelligent animals, important to our planet, yet being cruelly and swiftly wiped out by poachers, due to Asia’s relentless demand for rhino horn, ivory and more. My work is also my way of paying tribute to all the brave men and women fighting to protect Africa's wildlife.

I now live in Southern France, where my work is evolving and natural, organic forms are taking precedence.


Other Work

Many of my prints and paintings reflect the journeys we take, both physically and emotionally, and how these journeys affect us as individuals. How relocation affects our cultural identities. Belonging, displacement, shifting cultures, diaspora and exile are issues that feed into my work.



Kate has work in the Permanent Collection of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Her work is in Private Collections in Zimbabwe, Britain, Canada, USA, Japan and Switzerland.